A bit about myself...
   Are you curious to know a bit more about me other than my name and surname? Well, I will try to give you more details about “Emanuele Marzocca - Photographer for fun”.
   I started as a kid to develop a passion for photography and that passion has never left me ever since.
Many years ago I got a master's degree in Geology and Earth Sciences at the “Università La Sapienza” in Rome, but my career as a geologist wasn’t on the cards and I moved on working in many other fields with success and satisfaction.
   Of course one of these fields was the photographic one and I’ve been a professional photographer for quite a few years, though at a certain point I grew rather tired of it. Being a professional photographer means most of the times that your photographic work is mainly dictated by those who commission that work to you.
If this is good to some because it means money in their pockets, at least for me, it was somewhat bad as I felt forced to shoot the same subjects time and again. I therefore felt that my own creativity and personality were somehow alienated by this way of working.
   At this point I took a long break from photography and turned my interests towards graphic design where I felt freer to express my own creativity and ideas. I started to work with private and public sectors, as well as in co-operation with various print-houses, creating logos, posters, brochures etc.
   But photography never left me, it was always in my mind and in my heart and once I retired I started again to get around with my camera and shoot again my favorite subjects “no strings attached”.
   Nowadays, happily retired in a small and lovely town hidden in the mountains of Central Italy, I love to shoot new photos almost every day and when I go on holidays I like to visit or revisit places and pin on my memory cards sites and emotions that I feel during my trips.
   Well, I have shortly described my relationship with photography, yet I haven’t given you any further personal information about my person.
   As you already know my name is Emanuele Marzocca and I was born in Rome in 1950. Presently I am retired and I live in Rocca Sinibalda, in Rieti province, with my two beloved dogs Hugo and Luisa.
   My e-mail address is rexy.it@tiscali.it and if you would like to reach me through phone you can do so at my mobile phone number (+39) 347 340 7762.
   I thank you for visiting my Portfolio which I hope you appreciated and if you want to get in touch with me for any reason I will be glad to hearing from you.
   Emanuele Marzocca
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