Photography and Fun...
   Although for many of us photography is somewhat a synonym of fun when we go for instance on holidays and we take shots of the places we visit as a memento of those relaxing and interesting days spent away from our home and our routine life, for me there’s another kind of fun I find when I stroll around with my camera searching for a good shot.
   Having been a professional photographer for quite a few years helps me to get a quality shot of the subjects that interest me, but the fun I find in taking those shots goes beyond the mere act to choose the right settings and press the trigger on the camera. That fun is more related to looking around me in search of the subjects of my photos in the most unexpected and common places.
   While walking along the road just outside my house I love to look carefully at the usual verges, through the grass, or the trees that line up that road, I love to discover a small universe of little things like wild flowers, small insects, crawling bugs, mushrooms, droplets on the leaves that most of the time people don’t observe as they go unnoticed in our daily experience.
   That’s my personal fun in photography, take photos of this little, varied and somewhat beautiful universe that greets me always in a changing and interesting way each time I go for my daily walks always accompanied by my camera.
   Like most of us I too love to take photos also of beautiful landscapes, landmarks I see in my trips and unusual situations which I witness when traveling around, but that’s another fun, not so subtle as my daily discoveries of the humble, almost unseen small world that surrounds me in my everyday life.

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